SureGo walking bridge with roof


“We don’t oppose Mother Nature, we go with the flow!”

At SureGO! we believe that it is imperative to ensure human safety on floating bridges, walkways, and driveways. SureGO! came into being in order to provide suitable temporary modular structures at short notice, which allow people to safely reach their destinations.

Very often the destinations that need to be reached are on water or other shifting surfaces, which means that the destination is not fixed and could change position. The “SureGO!” System ensures a safe, continuous, uninterrupted floor surface together with handrails and overhead protection.  This system twists and curls between land and floating points providing safe access, whether walking, driving, using trolleys, wheelbarrows, or even using a wheelchair.

Who should use SureGO! Systems?

Our SureGO! systems are ideal for:

  • Disaster Management Teams

  • Fisheries

  • Government

  • Harbours and Ports

  • Large industry in the Mining sector

  • Public Works

  • Slurry dam managers



It is our vision at SureGO! to be the leading providers of floating bridges, walkways, and driveways in South Africa and Internationally; ensuring the safe crossing over water or shifting surfaces to reach a destination.


The purpose of SureGO! is to provide:

  • Safe, versatile, temporary, and permanent floating bridges.

  • Solutions to the specific engineering challenges of floating bridges, walkways, and driveways.

  • Fast, easily accessible, and safe solutions in disaster management situations.


Continuous improvements to our designs in an ever-changing environment.


FLEXIBLE bridges ensuring UNINTERRUPTED, continuous deck surface as well as hand railing and overhead protection in any position and while changing position.

FLEXIBLE bridges that will follow any floating designation as well as changing water levels.