Introducing SureGO! Drive

SureGO! Drive is a flexible, continuous, temporary, or even permanent driveway bridge designed to cross water or another shifting surface – an accessible, safe, and easy to implement a solution from SureGO! You can safely drive across the water to a floating destination.

Deliveries can be made to barges, yachts, and floating pump stations using light delivery vehicles. SureGO! Drive bridge is the perfect tool for use in disaster management situations, for example, where a temporary bridge may be required for river crossings.

SureGO! Drive bridge can be used during the construction of roads and bridges to cross sand, mud, or swamp surfaces.  These can be re-routed at any time.

SureGO! Drive bridge can be designed to a client’s precise requirements and used adjacent to an existing bridge in repair or reconstruction; the steel construction of the driveway alone could last for up to ten years and more.

Once a SureGO! Drive solution is no longer required to remain in place, it can be recovered for reuse or storage. SureGO! Drive bridge can be used for construction access, as well as temporary diversions during road maintenance.

Applications are not limited to water but include sand dunes where roads would usually be installed at a huge cost.  The elevated ‘road surface’ of the SureGO! Drive bridge will also prevent sand build-up. SureGO! Drive bridge will adapt to water levels; once there is no water, the system will settle on the soil below.

SureGO! Drive bridge comprises several modules which are standard and can be added to, or removed from, to suit any application. The hand railings are ridged steel tubing protecting pedestrians and adjusting to the movement of the SureGO! Drive modules