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The inspiration for SureGO! Concepts came about as the result of years of personal experience encountering the same recurring problems in an industrial setting: inadequate and unsafe floating walkways across slurry and settling ponds.

The SureGO! designs are the product of first-hand experience when using floating walkways.

With over 30 years of experience in smelters and material handling plants, SureGo identified the need to address safe access across waterways; crossing slurry ponds and settling dams is always associated with safety risks, especially when the water may be toxic and the walkways unstable.  During the design stages, SureGo realized that the SureGO! solution would not only help industry but could also play a vital role in rural areas, where crossing rivers during the rainy seasons proves extremely treacherous.

We identified the need for the design and implementation of safe, flexible, and effective walkways and driveways, as well as support for piping. The SureGO! Systems were developed with these particular aims in mind:

  • At SureGO! we want to see school children in rural areas safely reaching their destination if they have to cross a river in flood.

  • We believe that people have a right to be safe in their working environment.  In the case of wet mining plants, smelters, and material handling plants, safe walkways are imperative.


We believe in uncomplicated systems, uncompromising quality, and affordability.  We strive to find solutions that offer peace of mind and above all, safety.

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SureGo flexible bridges and walkways